Billingham Baptist Church
Do you feel like your world is caving in and this is it, this is the best it gets?

Are you strapped for cash, out of work, struggling at home?

If you've answered 'Yes' to any of the above, the chances are you're walking the 'Path Of Life' alone... Well there IS someone walking with you, it's just you've not said hello yet.

The person who's waiting for you to reach out and say hello comes to our Church every Sunday, He is the one person you can depend on forever, and in Him you will never worry about anything ever again... This may sound unreal and impossible... let me tell you, He is REAL and in Him EVERYTHING is possible, if you believe!

The person i'm talking about is someone you will have heard about but may not be sure who He is or know anything about Him or why He came into this world.

If you want things to stop hurting and being bad or maybe things are good but there's something missing in your life, take a walk... a walk into our Church, don't prejudge the outcome, come down here and let us prove you're right... or even wrong about Church!

Another meaning for Church is 'The Home Of God', you may or may not be sure about Him, but what if you're wrong and He is real and He can help you?  You would be missing out.  If you walk the path alone, you fend for yourself.
Why Believe

Who are we?

Maybe you're happy, life seems great as it is and you've always been able to depend on yourself so why look anywhere else...?

Does this sound like you?  Or...
Walk the path into our Church the 'Home of God' and God can show you He is real if you let him and He can change your life around, no matter how good, bad or 'gone' you think you are, HE CAN - all you have to do is one thing - Believe.... if you put your trust in Him and Him alone, He can if you ask Him, change you and your life around and you will see the difference.

One thing will lead to another and before long you will wonder how you ever managed without Him in your life, when you ask yourself that question, you will answer it with a very simple answer... 'I didn't manage'.

Is this a BIG ask, to believe when you are already so convinced you know what the truth is...?  Yes, it is a big ask, but if you take that ONE step, that one step to Him and into Billingham Baptist Church, not only will you feel at home straight away... Yes... Straight Away, but when you open your heart and say those words, 'Come into my life...', that's when things change, big time, and you will see for yourself.

If you're in doubt, there's one question to ask... what can i possibly lose by giving this Church thing a whirl....?

This Sunday 10.30am - no time like the present and next Sunday could be too late, next Sunday may never come, you've heard the Ronan Keating song, 'If tomorrow never comes', it might sound like a cheesy line, but ask yourself NOW, what if that chance never comes again...
This Sunday.  Make the decision now.  Come down, you will be made to feel welcome instantly and the only thing you'll have to do is choose your seat and get comfy - that's it.  Simple!  If you're scared and feeling those tingles in your stomach saying 'I don't need to do this', the reason you're thinking those things is because YOU DO.... don't cave in, pick up the phone if you're not sure or have a question and call our Pastor - Pastor Bob Casley, (the biggest Aston Villa supporter you could imagine lol), but there's no need, bring a friend or a neighbour if you like for support or... just turn up.  That's it.

Hope to see you there and remember......... DON'T GIVE IN.  This maybe your one opportunity.  This Sunday 10.30AM!!!!!!!!!!

Don't worry about a baby sitter - bring the little ones with you, don't worry about the dog, don't worry about dinner or Eastenders or the pub, there's time for all that later.
This Sunday @ 10.30AM!!!!!!!!  We would love to see you there!